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Andrew Emerick

I am an experienced and successful Front End Web Developer who started out solely with a love of Art and Graphic Design. Over the course of my career I have seen the need to be constantly evolving. My role has grown from Graphic Designer to Web Designer and Front-End Web Developer, learning many coding languages, techniques and applications that make me an attentive and resourceful co-worker. I am a self starter who manages multiple projects, deadlines and expectations of all departments I work with. Immersing myself in the latest technologies and trends has taught me that every day in Web Development is an adventure. It's exciting to learn what's next and rewarding to figure out how to use what's next to stay on the cutting edge of Web Development.











Web Development

Examples of Web Design, UI, UX and Front-End Web Development. I have worked independently and collaboratively to create exciting interactive layouts. I have worked on a broad range of CMS and frameworks including PHP, ASP.NET, MVC, Wordpress, nopCommerce, OU Campus and Prisma. I have worked in a variety of industries ranging from a Toy company's e-commerce site to independent band sites and Higher Education websites, understanding each site's specific needs while applying the same methodology and technology. I have worked alongside marketing, print design, sales, social media, legal and IT teams to create and support impressive websites. I have also implemented Google Tag Manager to create trackable conversion goals for clients in Google Analytics. I am constantly striving to learn new things. I am a fast learner who has experience with SQL server, CRM software, light App development and publishing. I am willing to assist in any capacity. My Graphic Design background alongside my work ethic and passion to problem solve and learn give me a different perspective to Front-End Web Development that can't be taught. redesign

Email Marketing

Examples of Email Marketing. Designed all Email elements and coded templates from scratch in HTML to be responsive and as cross-platform compatible as possible. I have implemented triggered post-interaction email series for e-commerce websites, created templates for CRM tools (Slate) and enrollment management systerms. I have experience testing with Litmus and Email on Acid, and have deployed thousands of emails in Mailchimp, Lyris and Omeda.

Graphic Design

Examples of Graphic Design. Worked with Print design, Marketing, Education, Sales, and Development teams to design compelling digital content. Created all layouts and design elements for promotional materials related to online contests, e-commerce sales, email campaigns, and social media posts to promote. I have also utilized these skills to create icon systems, branded assets, color corrected photography and custom graphic elements for websites I've developed.

Lincoln Logs Sweepstakes Graphics
Plants vs. Zombies Contest Graphics
K'NEX 25th Anniversary Giveaway Graphics

Branding & Identity

Examples of Branding & Identity. Logos are the first thing I remember loving on my career path. I used to trace sports team logos at my grandma's house before I knew it could lead to a career. In the meantime, I've used my passions and skills to create logos and pieces of brand identity that convey the essence of each brand through color, shape, texture and typography.

CrossFit Generation Branding
CrossFit Generation Masters of the Universe Logo
CrossFit Generation Summer Slam Logo
K'NEX Internal Operations Logos
Various Logos
GothicSport / Blood, Sweat, Fear


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Andrew Emerick

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